A Bespoke Digital Signage Solution that provides flexible multimedia content for all types of organisations and institutions.

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Any Screen Size

Any Screen Type or Size

The service works on a simple scalable network securely controlled through an existing broadband internet connection. Your network can be easily up-sized to include new screens of any size or type as and when you need them. One screen can be part of as many groups as you like, so you need never send the same item more than once.

Powered by the cloud

Powered by the Cloud

Our system is powered by cloud based software so you can show content on any public screen with an internet connection and control them all through our web-based software at a time and place to suit you!

Easy to Edit or Reschedule

Easy to Edit or Reschedule

The flexibility of the Screentown software means that it is sure to meet your communication needs. You choose which users in your organisation can send content to which screens, or zones and content can be scheduled in advance, and edited almost immediately. You can schedule content to last anything from a week to a year and reschedule previous content all at a few clicks of a button.

Group Multiple Screens

Group Multiple Screens

Control what is seen on each screen, and when. You can send a particular content item to a single screen, a group of screens or to all screens. Grouping means you can send a message or content item to a great many screens with one simple process, while ensuring that your content is targeted only at the locations where you need it to be seen.

Split Content Into Zones

Split Content into Zones

Display multiple content in different zones at the same time on your screen. The software can run a news feed in one zone while displaying company content in another. Welcome messages for visitors can be shown in a bottom zone without interrupting your company content in other zones.

How It Works

Create Content on PC

User inputs messages or media using our secure and easy-to-use cloud based software from any location.
Upload to Cloud

Your media and messages are uploaded to the cloud and are sent down to your secure box.
Send to Box

The media box behind each screen receives data from the cloud, before sending it to the zone in the display.
Display On Screen

Media is displayed on your chosen screens and can be configured for as many zones as you require.

In-house Content Design

We specialise in design and content creation for clients as well as our Digital Signage software including bespoke branded UI solutions, HD and 4K Video Production, Corporate Marketing and more.
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