About Screentown

Screentown is part of LitScreens Ltd. We specialise in providing flexible digital signage solutions for all types of organisations: from town centres to universities and colleges, sports grounds to shopping centres, and anywhere in between. From our headquarters in Stirling, Scotland, we have built up a good client base across the UK.

We have developed our own digital signage software system – we are not reselling a product – and we now have several years’ experience in deploying our Screentown software system to a variety of high profile sites and organisations across the country.

We own and develop the system, which means we can customise or develop special features to accommodate different client situations. We are happy to chat over your requirements so feel free to call us today on: 01786 388 991


Case Studies

Glamorgan Cricket Club

We were looking for a very flexible AV system to provide for the needs for the club. Being host to the Ashes, and with lottery funded major refurbishment we wanted something special. Screentown helped us analyse our requirements, and gave us a customised, highly professional solution that we believe is second to none and a showcase for other stadia.

Steve Edwards, Director, Pro-Copy Ltd, ICT Integrators for Glamorgan Cricket Club

Caludon Castle School

We already had a screen in our reception area but it just looked like an amateur PowerPoint and didn’t help to create the image we wanted. Screentown created a better layout for us and designed some very professional starter content. Their system integrates live TV with our own digital signage, giving us freedom to keep content fresh and dynamic.

Lee O’Donnell, ICT Systems Manager

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